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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Right now I am still contemplating my project for this course. I still like the idea of doing something for the Advanced Function & Modeling course I’ll be teaching next fall. I'm just
still unsure of whether to plan course or to plan a unit. I’m leaning towards planning a unit because it is a more manageable task at this point. But in order for the unit to make sense I need a clear understanding of where this unit fits in the overall course plan. So maybe I should plan the course? But I like the idea of planning a unit because I can make some decisions about where and what types of technologies I can incorporate. The technology aspect gives me an excuse to explore the technology website Dr. King posted. I’ve like what I’ve seen at the site so far.

I did have another thought about a different project. Maybe I could set up a website to accompany a course already in progress. I have been wanting to set up a website for my Calculus Class for several years now. I just never seem to find/make the time. Our IT department just set up a course management system called MOODLE. MOODLE is supposed to allow us (teachers) a “friendly” way to set up websites for our classes. I’m planning to attend the demo and training workshop on Friday to see what it is all about. If it looks good I might consider the website idea. Would this be an acceptable instructional design project? It would definitely be useful to me.

If I go with planning the AFM course, I know my next step needs to be choosing the textbook. I’m looking at two texts right now. One is more traditional practice/drill math. One is more verbal reading math. I really need to determine the type of students we expect in the AFM course and decide which book is more appropriate. It might be I choose one but supplement from the other. So many decisions. All of the recent gender learning discussion is playing into my decision.

I do know that I want to incorporate technology use into the course. Have my students explore their calculator, graphical analysis, and other math related technologies. I’m very interested in how females react to technology in math class. Do they find technology helpful, hurtful, or are they indifferent?


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