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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Where to get Ideas

Interview Data:

Our AP English teacher uses a website in a manner similar to what I want. She posts readings, discussion questions, has information about her syllabus, background, policies etc. I’m going to discuss with her how she set up her site, decided what to include, and how she determines & rates its usefulness.

I am also going to ask for ideas from my Calculus students. I am looking for information (their opinions) on what they would like to see as part of a math course’s website, what type of resources, what types of links etc. I also want feedback from those who use the AP English teachers website regarding positive & negative aspects of the website.

I plan to get ideas from the other math teachers in the department and if possible several parents.

I feel this information will give me a starting place for how the website should be designed.

Context-Based Documents:
I see two types of “documents’ in this category. The first is articles relating to website design (particularly math sites) and the usefulness of the websites. (Any article suggestions would be very helpful). The second is websites already in use and designed by other secondary school math teachers. I have visited many of these sites and will go back and assess what information they have and how the sites are laid out.


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