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Friday, April 01, 2005

Goals Revision

Instructional Goals

Did the presenter/designer state goals and objectives that state clearly how the instruction will enable learners to master the selected tasks (from task analysis) and in turn address identified needs (from needs assessment).

In other words are mega elements carried through into goal statements?

Did the presenter’s objectives clearly state what is to be done, in what conditions, and according to what criteria?

Goal 1: Increased Reflection regarding mathematical concepts

Objective 1.1: Journal about concepts and connections between concepts at least twice each week

Objective 1.2: Write summaries (review pages) of concepts studied each week

Objective 1.3: Read about concepts prior to concept discussion in class each day

Goal 2: Increased Communication regarding mathematical concepts

Objective 2.1: Participate in discussion board about concepts & homework at least twice per week.

Objective 2.2: Participate in class discussion at least three times per week.

Objective 2.3: Completion of Group Assignments (Problem Sets & Projects & Web Research) as assigned

· Typically Problem Sets are one per week and Projects are one per quarter with a major project at the end of the academic year.

Goals 1 & 2 and their objectives are designed to increase students ability to connect concepts within their respective mathematics courses (Micro Level). Skills learned at the Micro level can then by applied to connection building at the Mega level.

Goal 3: (Mega) Increased synthesis of concepts studied across the curriculum

Objective 3.1: Write a paper, at the end of the academic year, discussing the use of mathematics in a career or another academic discipline or an historical aspect of mathematics.

Objective 3.2: Give a presentation which incorporates technology use based on the paper.

Goal 4: (Hidden Agenda) Encourage females to interact with technology

Objective 4.1: Provide opportunities for students to use different types of technology.

Objective 4.2: Provide opportunities for students to use technology in different ways.


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