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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Task Analysis Introduction

Murphy and his laws of chaos (in the form of a teething baby and sick pre-schooler) have been my shadows for the past two weeks, which is why this is being posted to my blog so late!!

Anyways, it took a while but I finally was able to attend a MOODLE demonstration last week. MOODLE was not quite what I pictured, based on the description I was given. It reminds more of Blackboard and less of a traditional website (page links, access for non-registered “members” etc.) There are aspects of both (traditional web & MOODLE) that I like. One of my objectives for this site is to open communication between parents and myself. This means parents need to be able to access the website, i.e. a traditional site. Another goal is to allow students to take on-line concept check quizzes and open a discussion board for homework problems, i.e. a MOODLE setup. Because of what I want to do I feel I need to set up a traditional site with a syllabus, homework, materials guides, etc. On this site I need to put a link to MOODLE. Each student will be registered into MOODLE and then students will be able to access other items like the homework discussion board and on-line quizzes. I’m just going to combine things and hopefully end up with the best of both worlds!!


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